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Miracles from Heaven - not a great movie, perhaps a FAITH booster!

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This is about Faith, the struggle, how to reconnect, and wait-out the worst
If Google the title, you will find a description along the lines of "Miracles from Heaven is a 2016 American Christian comedy drama..." but this might be the worst way to indicate the plot or the story that will unfold. I had my reasons to watch the movie. I am a big Jennifer Garner fan. I believe she has been the most perfect performer to have appeared across Hollywood productions but with very little credit. As a movie summary, Miracles from Heaven speaks about a girl with some impossible to treat type of digestive or intestinal order. Given my history of IBS and my recurring collisions with Faith, it made a lot of sense to watch Miracles from Heaven via Amazon Prime account. The movie is not spectacular in any way. It does not get preachy and neither is the plot too over-dramatic. Garner puts-in a splendid performance but there are moments when she oversteps into unwanted hysterics.
As a result, some scenes between the near-fatal daughter and the Faith-evading mom seem over-hyped. However, this movie is not about directional greatness. It might be inspired by some real life events, but it does not try to present the reality TV or documentary aura in any way. Miracles from Heaven talks about keeping the faith when the worst things are happening to your family. It talks about perseverance in speaking to God when things are at their worst. Don't watch Miracles from Heaven if you don't like movies that are essentially about nothing worth talking about in terms of political angles, action choreography, great narratives, or undisputed special effects. This short movie, not that short, is just a quick confirmation that without Faith, you are more susceptible, more likely to fail! Towards the end, you get to meet the real family that experienced the most unthinkable cure for their daughter - nothing that modern science can explain but every bit about not losing "it" when it seems like the perfect moment to dump your faith and find refuge in any addiction or hopelessness...

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