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All Floral Prints are Not Flattering
I call them flora & fauna prints - seen on apparels that seem to have been invented by a gardener with a clinical love for anything that takes root, springs like a stem, fruits or flowers and needs sunlight. There is something visually offsetting when the palm trees on your tee seem to complement the sandy spread of beaches in the background. Yes, even in a typical vacation along the beach, wearing floral clothes does not make sense to me. I am talking about vacation-wear that takes the concept of wearing what you love to a new level - you really don't need to declare your love for the flora & fauna - most people love plants and there is very little room to present your case as someone with a superior sense of being connected with the outdoors. For some reason, I just cannot get a sense of these fashion choices. Yes, there is something classic and lovable about floral prints but when you overboard, its gets highly distracting and is far from looking refreshing or graceful. I don't expect fashion to run a botany class on me. I shouldn't be separating the stems from the branches, leaves and flowers - yes, this is how discomforting floral prints can be!

A handful can carry the "lOOk""

When Charlie Sheen wears toned-down floral shirts, it is something very different as compared to women who drape themselves in layers of clothing that seem to commemorate a kitchen garden. The problem does not lie in the large array of colors often used in nature-printed apparel but the sheer magnitude of the shapes. Sometimes, floral ensembles have two or three merging color schemes, each representing a different type of botanical growth.

Just like too much glitter, floral-themed prints can make you look tacky

This is also about flashing too many prints and create a visual interplay that does not help your cause in any way. Your clothes are not supposed to be a puzzle to solve. To a large extent, this fashion choice is somewhat ancient. I can understand the Romans wearing flowery skull fittings to feel better about a day that included whipping slaves and stuffing themselves silly at an afternoon orgy but for us, floral really isn't that good a fashion choice.

Did some online research on Floral Clothing Choices

I Googled a lot and it said that if you have to, God knows why own a handful of floral print dresses, you should be careful about:

- size of the print as it effects whether the print is overwhelming or tolerable. Less is good
- contrast of print. You might not want floral prints on equally bright backgrounds that look blingy
- density of print. Like I said, too many flowers, buds, roots, stems, branches, don't need all
- type of floral print. You should choose smaller scaled, natural-looking prints

When style coaches, lifestyle gurus and fashion spotters provide style consultation to people who tend to highlight the daily media flashes, they should be more careful about recommending floral wear. I have seen red carpet entries with weird ensembles that look like a patio, complete with outdoor lighting, and different type of succulents sprayed across the dress. If you must, try the floral in pastel or somewhat duller shades. Bigger prints seem to make the dress look like wallpaper!

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