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A Note to My Dear Phus-Phus...[Love Sign!]

water spraying relieves mind grows plantsYou call it a water sprayer. I call it Phus-Phus. You think it is elementary and mechanical. I think it is the smartest invention. While you think spraying the plants is no big deal, I claim it is an art, an acquired taste that evolves with time...
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Before you, there was no love in watching the plants grow!

Watering the planters had become dreary, a daily activity that had to be done. With you, I have so many angles to explore. I understand the effects of wind on water stream or spray patterns better. I understand how to control the thumb pressure to control the intensity of spraying. While some people call this misting the plants, it feels like am nurturing something, and you are the medium through which I express my caring for things that otherwise have nothing to say, nothing to complain about and will never answer back. You help me connect with the most innocuous things despite being undemanding and unpretentious yourself. In a way, you exude the type of wisdom that must keep monks grounded and humble.

Until you came around, there was no hand & arm warm-ups!

I use you every day, just before the morning tea. Your loaded spring does wonders to my otherwise genetically weak wrists and arm. You give them tendons and musculature a good stretch. Until you were there, I would rarely know how to warm up my arms that are always bandaged when trying to lift heavy. Nobody knew that you could be my distant gym buddy. Now that I employ you daily, I cannot imagine, working out without having spent some minutes with you.

Your Performance is Unconditional, without excuses. You Always Deliver!

In times when I am surrounded by people who are not ready to grind it out, where people exercise their hands to do only the unmentionables and smartphone jerking, you set the example with a dutiful aura about it. I have woken you up from long nights and days of slumber but you were never lazy like me in the mornings. I have forgotten you in the balcony but you never complained about the sunburns. You don't need a heads-up for a double round of misting. You don't find reasons to fail. There are so many forms to you but in design, every bit of you is essentially driven to work hard.

You Don't Fret about Emerging Challenges!

The Phus-Phus knows it has a short life. I tend to trigger in a harsh way, repeatedly misting the plants. No matter for how many weeks, the Phus-Phus will stay true to its promise. It does not choke upon seeing the workflow. IT does not quit. It realizes the replacement is always there in my spare cupboard, younger contenders with stronger springs, better plastics, and improved nozzles will keep arriving. Yet, the Phus-Phus works without any complaints - a perpetual performer, it has the outdoor stamina of worker bees doing their rounds to keep up the beehive alive and humming with activity.

Psychologists should recommend you more than Gardening!

The Phus-Phus has played a role in conditioning my morning hours better, to help me start the day in a more relaxed manner. Almost like a daily ritual, spraying the plants, the young & old, creates a sense of getting the job done and when you are getting backlash at the workplace for projects not that well-executed, this is almost like a sense of achievement. Yes, doing it/that longer with your wife is more akin to that feeling of victory but this counts too. Anything is better than medicating yourself and this is like Prozac with an eager, easy-to-personalize trigger action but without the chemical overload.

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