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You might want to drive alone, not to rethink, but to think better...

drive alone to unwind think clearer
Many people talk about long biking voyages to rediscover their passion or to pursue their instincts, but there is something very uniquely calming about long, driving miles that some people just don't explore and I am talking about almost-immediate stress management that costs you less than a visit to the shrink. Just consider this – sometimes, the only way to solve a problem that seems unbearable is to disconnect with it, only to retrace it later when your mind is better placed to join the dots. This is what a driving in isolation does. At first, it is a temporary escape route. You quit and move away from the physicality of the event that caused all the commotion.

You are more bothered about the city distance to cover before you hit the lesser trafficked roads. Now, you want to speed-up or spend some time in observing things that you might have been passing-by repeatedly without bothering to really observe them. Driving alone is also about being on your own when others seem to be asking too many questions. This is not really time along but some relief. Finally, when you reach the summit of your short sojourn and are about to route back to home or the office, there is more sense of calmness. You have breathed-out some of the negativity. The mind is now perhaps running better, more likely to think better.

The drive can get cluttered with disturbing thoughts re-entering your mind but you have music to blow them away. Just one of the many short and handy anxiety management tools that some people think are utterly useless but can prove efficient if tried more than once!

The other aspect to longer driving without being a groupie or being constantly connected on the phone is very different. Here, you are looking for a therapy-type drive that takes you across longer distances. This is more detachment, this is isolation to allow the unpleasantness of life to cannibalize itself without bothering you anymore. I have also heard that some people find the sole idea of driving alone adventurous. They feel that traveling to lesser-known destinations without trip planners and your partner hugging you through the journey is discomforting enough to throw you out of your comfort zone.

Do I agree? Yes!

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