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Uncovering Ways to Treat Yourself and Reasons to Do it...more than just cheat days and guilt-free binging!

pamper yourself for happier life tips
There has always been a certain segment of psychologically-rich lifestyle bloggers who talk a lot about treating yourself. I totally agree with this approach as a life-management skill. It is easy, too practical not to do and makes you feel better. Plus, you are not depending on anyone else. This self-pampering is rewarding yourself for something you stuck to, managed to be stoic when flowing with the moment was easy, could say NO when everyone expected you to nod your head...there are so many battles we fight each day and if we can make some rules and stick to them, the effort should be appreciated - by who?...YOU!

However, I feel people don't play this self-appreciating game too well. Most border on being narcissistic while others fail to realize that it is time for patting your back [which is not that easy unless you have a rubbery spine].

So, I am sharing some self-treating ideas and the overall approach by quoting examples:
  • Something as simple as not re-downloading that shopping app that makes you spend irresponsibly is good enough to pick-up a small accessory or a happy pair of socks to make you feel better. You defeated some type of a bad habit. You broke the pattern and now, it is time to buy yourself a small gift - indulge with a fashion accessory cum everyday wear option like a pair of socks or jocks in a bright shade

  • Staying away from another pint of beer for all the four parties this month is reason to get that extra serving on your chocolate ice-cream quota. You managed your diet well. You did not give-in to the temptations at the buffet. You did well. Now, you deserve a break no matter how chocolaty or expensive it might seem

  • Staying away from flirtatious women and sharing the same with your woman, can be a good reason to demand some special bedroom surprise. If she does not oblige, gift yourself an expensive pair of walked the right line bro! Essentially, you did one part of a being a good husband. You stuck to your vows no matter how many sultry attempts were made to breach your castle. You stood your ground. Now, it is time to buy lace-ups for the feet that help you stand tall 

  • Sticking to your job despite all the negative vibes warrants a special treatment at the spa. Such hard-earned money should be used to massage-away your tensions. You defeated that notion that has become synonymous, a notion that makes people at work believe that they can quit their jobs when they want to. The work-life is like a complex, checkerboard pattern and your job can make things seem unmanageable. However, if you have been able to overcome the adversarial elements at work and managed to stayed true to your workplace responsibilities, you did very good. Now, it is time to spend a mini-fraction of what you made during all those weeks of hard work that almost bent your spine

  • Not getting sucked into that old circle of friends that makes you stay up late at night and mess your working days amounts to gifting yourself a night of watching the Insidious series with unlimited popcorn and beer. The friendship community advocates that staying on the phone or chat-rooms late into the night underlines how you value the relationship. However, WhatsApp that is styled as a place to linger is also a reason to really screw your daily, time-management goals. You defeated some serious habits that can lead to mismanaging the entire day. The well-managed day, literally & metaphorically, sits right between the two extremes of having a dull day and going too headstrong into the night. You brewed it just right. Now, you can take one day from a better managed weekly schedule to splurge on yourself and Amazon TV series should be very watchable during this.

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