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Romantic dates for more soulful relationships? are a Moron with an "M"

why couples should talk more relationship advice
Couples' therapy can be very DIY, still effective and so easy to find that you won't believe it. You don't need to exchange notes about your list of favorite movies, you don't need more candle-lit dinners and Viagra cannot infuse the warmth you want in your relationship. Couples need to spend time together and vacationing is not the only way to do it - you can do something every day to strengthen your bond, to understand each other more. Just knowing her favorite colors does not make you a good husband. If she remembers the birthday diary of your ancestors, it does not amount to her being a kick-ass wife. The real magic lies in watching TV together even if it is the most hopeless piece of digital content ever produced but just lying there, together without speaking too much - that makes it look romantic.

For all the Valentine-pimping suckers, this is not much of relationship advice but this is the real deal. Next time you are about to shampoo your car, wax the dashboard, shower your dog, take upon a DIY baking challenge or just plan to change the bulbs, get your partner into the act. It is in these moments of zero make-up, shabby home-worn tees, and casual conversations where the real couple chemistry is created. Evening dresses are just a layer. Jewelry is something you pay for but this...this is special because it involves the two of you in your organic, unapologetic avatar without the adulteration that flows around us.

It is October 12th today, a day after my wife's birthday and I just wanted to share that spending quality time can be something as lame-appearing as watching Netflix series together. You try to find the common ground in terms of the genre from which you pick something to see, perhaps a series or a movie that has not found too much commercial success. These moments are about exploring the simplest pleasure of cuddling up to each other and just lazying around. Yesterday, it was being lazy, filling the sleep quota and watching marathon shows, liking each other's company. For me, this also highlights a couple's equation - are you compatible without all the goody-good stuff?

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