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How pint sips can be my anxiety fixer with no big downsides...

my anxiety symptom relief real story
I am hardly a drinker but I have seen that my senses seem to react in all the right ways and show some inexplicable patterns after slurping on the smallest amounts of beer or anything that is alcoholic. Ask anyone with any type of beer drinking credentials – it is unlikely that the glory will be talked about in the number of sips. The culture clearly mandates that all such beating-the-drum conversations should be about the number of pints, glasses, 6-packs, etc.

However, the anonymity of getting the beer hit with just a few sips goes to me. This is not the entire story. There is more to the strangeness at work here. For me, having an entire pint means that the body processes the lager like some food item or snack. As a result, I just don’t feel the buzz. I never have more than two pints at a time followed by some rum on the rocks but the pints seems to disappear somewhere, not even showing in my bladder-wise hyperactivity. Now, the weird thing about this – there are times when I have managed just about two sips from the glass. These were moments of extreme humidity and I was sweating like a hose or one of those back-from-work days where the mind was obnoxiously overworked. Turns out, these two sips do the trick! I feel settled and more composed and the worries seem to dilute away. Exactly two, big sips get the job done but two pints don’t seem to matter – my only question is “why God why?!!”

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