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Dining-ware matters when you buy a dining experience, not just food...

only quality serve-ware at high priced dining destinations
When I eat at a road-shack, the quality of tissue paper handed across, actually stolen and ripped apart, does not matter. When I pay premium for a supper with my lady I expect everything to be equally reciprocative and meet my expectations. Some restaurants don't seem to understand this basic human thought! Managers of legacy hotel chains too might be witnessing a lot of disruption in terms of how food is being served. What was once exclusively grand is now becoming more artisanal, earthy and the push towards everything clay-baked or hand-finished is taking over. I have nothing against such cutlery but when I am seated for supper with my lady at an eating destination that expects me to pay and tip big, I want everything about my dining experience to be worth the price.

My opinion on why top dining destinations should stick to using expensive cutlery

Dining-ware will keep changing – this is given since consumerism continues to evolve and lifestyle trends will make an impact on how farm produce is chosen, processed, cooked, and served. However, a fine dining destination cannot use cheaply crafted plates under the umbrella of making their presentation more “natural”. There is nothing obtusely too artificial or distastefully manufactured about fine cutlery from the top brands. I expect a good hotel to keep-up some of the traditions that made sense a century ago and should be carried into the next century, no matter what Apple, Facebook or Twitter has to say about it…

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