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SOME Scientific studies to prove MOST antibiotics are becoming less effective? Just Ask Me!

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This is yet another case of research money being wasted. According to some dailies, it has been proven that the effect of antibiotics on humans is waning. What was the need to go through such a long and expensive process? These guys could have simply asked me. A decade ago my throat infection would go away with a 3-day course of antibiotics.

Now, it usually takes me a 7-day course. The money could have been utilized for something more sane and urgent like feeding the hungry and providing shelter to the homeless. And all medicines, particularly the vaccinations and antibiotics, will continue to become less effective as the causative agents evolve and we weaken our environment with unplanned urban development.

As it is, antibiotics don’t guarantee remedy for every type of illness. The newest strains of viruses and bacteria are already proving too much for conventional antibiotics. Something as common as the common cold or Flu is yet to contained. Rather than patronizing antibiotics, medical researchers could invest time and energy in developing better vaccines.

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