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Uptight & Not-so-Cool, yet some women will flaunt Boho looks they don’t own

common mistakes women gypsy apparels
Unapologetically disheveled looks, complete with accessories inspired by artisan or crafty work and an attitude that says you are not bothered to be judged by others – this is what defines the Boho look. It is assumed that there is some hippie and very spirited about people who carry the look. However, the truth couldn’t be more twisted. I have seen plenty of women charming their way through a party with long, flowing apparels and plenty of layered accessories.

Supposedly, there is something fashionable in being precisely shambolic. These women believe that the Boho illusion uplifts them beyond others in their presence, as they have stepped beyond the realms of typical, branded fashion norms.

Most of them however fail miserably in this desperate attempt. The frowns are clearly visible, the continuing adjustments to what they are trying to carry tattles that they are trying too hard to look at-ease. Slouched in what looks like a blend of comfort-wear and minimalism, sprinkled with some athleisure-wear, most of them look confused about what they are trying to convey.

Consciously uncaring or too confident about the reality of their silhouette not showing? There is too much vagueness at play here, most of it emanating from the fact that the entire idea of the gypsy lifestyle-inspired Boho look has been lost. Pancaked faces or facial skin primed with industrially sprayed layers of make-up completes the misery and style suffers & dies…

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