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Neat, designer-type bathrooms reek of elitist stature, being bathed in money?

My biggest issue is with the degree of dryness. How do these typically wet-spaces manage to stay so dry – is there no splashing or over-flowing or sprinkling that is associated with a humble, middle-class or even a luxury bathroom? I cannot recall a housekeeping guy permanently employed into cleaning-up and yet, these bathrooms tend to remain dry like parched paper! Why must I own only average bathrooms? Not sure how many people will disagree on this – there is something very progressive about having a really tidy bathroom. Not just the cleanliness part. I am talking about a well-kept bathroom with all the essential supplies in place and then, some more.
Think of hotel-type washrooms. It must have natural stone surfaces or the top tier of ceramics used. The glasses used here should be big and lots of it, in all the right places. There is always room for some flowers and indoor shrub type planters to be placed.

Some People Are Bathroom Rich!

Big or compact, these exclusive bathroom spaces always find room for plenty of floor mats and even small rugs apart from smartly located cabinetry that has more-than-imaginable storage space. The lighting is at par with living room lighting fixtures, with a choice of warm, bright and color-sensitive temperature-range options. The knobs are always polished, the hardware classic over contemporary and oozes that classical charm. Some of these expansive bathrooms even have different baskets for each type of clothing you might want to get rid-off.

Bathroom Fraternity that won’t Accept My Membership

Bigger members of the blessed bathroom community even have these slightly demarcated sections that are like mini-powder rooms with sufficient wardrobe space and overhead lighting. Modern bathrooms like these also manage to incorporate some wall space for hanging wall art, some electrical outlets for accommodating charging devices and still, there is ample at-sink space, elaborate counter-tops and plenty of workable space if you want to sit down and read, or get ready!

ME, Challenged by the Vanity of Beautiful Bathrooms

I have been rethinking a bathroom makeover on a budget but cabinetry is not high on my priority list. Getting the walls redone seems reasonable. I am styling trying to understand how to create a dry sink area and find a way to put-in rugs and carpets. Such dry bathroom floors are almost impossible to find. Yes, there will be some, minimal amount of plants and some industrial lighting. Want it to have an uncluttered look and lots of smart space utilization.

Bathroom Thoughts that Make Me Ponder…Eh!

I also have some questions that surface whenever I visit such nicely maintained bathrooms:
  • Don’t these bathrooms run into plumbing issues? If Yes, then how come they don’t wear any repair scars?
  • Does it need maintenance help in terms of employing a maid or having a cleaning-obsessed couple?
  • What about the maintenance costs? What if all the wood in there gets over-awed by moisture?
  • Is this purely about luxury or some alien-level smart space management?
  • Why are owners of such bathrooms considered elite or being really rich?
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