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After labels and branding literature, is contemporary food subculture stooping too much towards visuals?

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I have already spoken about green-washing and how food labels have been intentionally misinforming consumers, creating a polarization for their product range, smartly using nomenclature than can create visuals of greatness. If you take the time to read into what is actually on offer, the picture is often dirty, murky and very suspicious. Something similar is happening in how we, as consumers, seem to interpret food. 

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Colored Ensembles Look Better: Just look at all the lifestyle channels and food shows and there is this distinct fallacy being created that dishes with under-cooked, somewhat raw ingredients, and those that have a fusion of garden veggies are always healthy. If the dish happens to employ about 4-5 differently colored flavoring accessories or vegetables or herbs, the meal is immediately perceived as being damn good. 

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Texture is Here, There, Everywhere: The words 'texture' and 'colors' are being thrown around without realizing that most of them are getting registered into our sub-conscious mind. It seems the food-centric media and digital content syndicates are creating highly impressionable images that are contributing towards how we perceive food. Before food shows and TV brains, there was still a lot of texture in global cuisine. It is just that a lot is said now and people tend to recirculate these words without understanding the actual context. Just because there are great textural contrasts in the chef's special means zit if the flavors are not real and the after-taste is not sublime! 

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Remember, You are Eating Food, Not the Decorations: Please understand that having different shades of red or maroon or green in your bowl does not necessarily mean healthy! It is the nature of the produce, its processing, its packaging, its farm-to-table time, transit mode, the journey in-between and gastronomically correct combinations that have an affect on the healthiness index. Try not to read between the lines here - the point is too simple and am stating it clearly - keep food choices and impressions simple. What meets the eye is never the case!

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