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Life Motivation Quotes that Don’t Relay the Right Idea Unless you don’t Value the Present!

life quotes mean wrong things
There has to be that zeal in your daily schedule. You must wake-up with a fire than helps you burn your challenges through the day. Your apps, your daily reminders and even the desktop image should reinforce your goals, remind you so that you don’t deviate towards the path of compromises. However, does keeping your eyes fixed only on the goal really help? The Summit represents the goal of a journey but the path itself, the stopgap arrangements, the anxieties and unexpected wisdom that usually comes in the most unexpected manner also matter. These are not to be valued lesser or totally ignored.

Desire & passion, and that unbridled hunger to win should mean staying connected with your goal but this necessarily does not mean severing bonds with people & moments that matter to you

Foregoing every small moment en route to your goal is not the best decision. Just imagine the case of a struggling UFC fighter. Obviously, every day is run by a sense of belief, by that hunger that should lead the struggler to the ultimate glory – standing in the ring, being crowned the champion with a belt around the waist. Every day is about extreme struggle with relentless training hours.

You must take extreme pride in achieving your goals, in having made it in the way that makes sense but without the guilt of having let go of everything that was valuable and now, cannot be recreated

will you lose everything to win?
However, when the struggler comes back home, a humble household, to enjoy a simple, warm meal with the family – does this not call for looking beyond the meagerness of means at the present and still be thankful for real people with whom he can break bread and share the struggles? Being fixated with the summit would mean simply rushing through the meal, merely counting the carbohydrate to protein ratio and never borrowing a moment to appreciate the smaller things in life.

Be fixated with the ultimate goal, be consumed by it but don’t let it kill everything else in life.You need to be driven without being a winner who has infinite emptiness as a part of the Glory

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