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DIY Baking: First Attempts at Garlic Bread

making bread with wife
Me & Moha have been on a culinary exploration spree with Moha being the creator, me the ideator and the nuisance in the kitchen. Our tryst with homemade chocolates was good. Now, the focus has shifted towards different types of bread. Moha can make the most excellent naans using the basic tawa. Her control over the dough is enviable. She understands the consistencies so well. Like I said, my handy and timely inputs and the ability to taste and crib about anything is also a useful accessory. Together, we create a reasonably good team. Our experiments with different types of bread are growing rather steadily. She has created some awesome thin pizza bases. Each of these was finely baked. The crust is crispy and not too chewy.

DIY Food Journeys: Making Garlic Bread at Home - First Attempts | Don't Over-judge

homemade garlic bread story
Last week, we tried garlic bread. Not competing with Domino's, the emphasis was on getting the texture right. I can be weird about textures in food and clothes. What does not feel right, despite tasting great, might not score with me. We did two batches this time. The first attempts yielded reasonable results. Good bread but a bit stringy and the base slightly under-cooked. Still, I loved it. The last batch was perhaps the best one. The cheese was properly stuffed. The rounded edges were soft. Just the right amount of crispiness. The bites were not too chewy. I ate most of it as Moha thought it was still under-cooked. I don’t agree. It was good. Better than the soft bread served at Domino.

We used the jalapeno generously and the effect was rather good to taste. Next time around, Moha would be using more yeast, more time to allow the dough to rise. This should be easy now that the summers have set in. Honestly, I believe that the garlic bread sold commercially is usually overtly loaded with different types of greasing options, from butter to oil and what not – that is not real baking. You cannot replace real baking by adding types of fat that soften the deal for you. The real challenge is using things in a balanced way and allowing the natural texture to take shape. So far… Moha has been excellent and I am into the type of kitchen journeys I always wanted to undertake…fingers-crossed!!

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  1. Seems she is a great creator and u be the best analyst. Keep up the good nuisance


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