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Fattening Burgers are Good, Everything Else is a Compromise

why fatty burger patties enhance the taste
Inherently un-juicy veg patties make Vegetarian Burgers Taste Bland 
If you have been wondering why the burger happens to be so dry, too saucy, too textured, disdainfully banal or overtly flavored at different food retail places, there is a simple reason - everyone is trying to figure out what makes the burger really good even as they try to recreate, repackage and resell it, not realizing that the Holy Grail of all burgers lead to one, and one path only, i.e. succulent, smoked patties layered in their own melting fat. No matter how under-dressed the burger is, if the patty happens to have squirt-like fat streams, it will compensate for being low on basic filling supplies.

Fat Content of Patty Provides Texture, Flavor, Succulency, Satiety

If the burger seems too crunchy, the fat dripping will layer your mouth in a way that the salad excesses won't make a serious dent in your taste glands. If a burger is served without your favorite barbecue sauce, the streaming fat will deliver a more natural flavoring that will compensate for the loss to some extent. Most burgers are served without understanding this. Why you need French fries with a real burger, I would never understand just like I don't understand people dipping it in a tub of tomato sauce before every bite. The patty should bleed, the fat should be stubborn enough to hang on to its neighboring fillers, above and below it. In fact, I would say that frying the burger patty in the same batch of oil repeatedly enhances the flavor. Sounds too cholestero-logical?...I never said I was going to talk about a healthy burger!

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