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Heart of the Matter vs what is the matter with your heart?

image depicts heart shape cardiac health
This must have come to your attention too but perhaps, I am the only who is blogging about it - if you look around, no matter what type of heart-related topic we are talking about, whether it is a cardiac disease or myocardial infarction, whether it is an ambulance stating that its owner happens to be a cardiology specialist or the logo of a healthcare facility that specializes in cardiac healthcare, it seems that all pictorials of anything that is cardiac, happens to have the heart pictured in its Valentine-type shape. Why? Beats me!

I think that by now, we are reasonably progressed as a society and as educated consumers that matters of the heart and heart-related matters that take you to the surgeon's table, each deserves a different type of image. How different? Extremely I say because they are denoting an entirely different idea. An image that shows the lovelorn heart with electrical beats of a cardio-meter like machine does not make sense. Is the image talking about loving the heart no matter how sick it got or is it saying that the person with the heart condition is deeply in love or that love makes your heart suffer? Please clarify this & get back to the drawing board...this is a no-brainer! Everyday Opinions | Conversations | Discussions

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