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I am a small, small man...finding the smallest reasons to feel good!

feeling happier about smaller things in life
Inadequate Days Persist -  Find Moments of Fulfillment
Not trying to play it smart but I guess that in some way I have acquired the great art being happy with the smaller things in life. It is no longer about being frustrated when career goals are not accomplished. Instead, am happier at watering the plants that seem to be low on enthusiasm or as the image says, when served coffee in serve-ware that is vibrant and zesty. These habits have take a lot of time to develop. At one point, finding smaller reasons to smile was really tough. It seemed like an assignment. Now, it is natural. I don't need to enact it like a routine. It pours naturally and the sentiments are not camouflaged with a serious look. Am not turning away my face when a stupid grin comes on for absolutely no reason! It seems smiling a bit each day adds up to longer-term happiness!

Back to the actual post - yes, there is something about bright, shimmery cups and serve-ware that is more like lifestyle accessories that make me feel good. There is a beautiful contrast of colors when the shades of food ingredients are contrasted by these lustrous, polished dining-ware. This trend of brightly colored serving accessories seems to have picked-up recently or perhaps I just managed to noticed it. Whatever it is, the feel-good factor is there and I am not trying to provide an explanation for it. Anything that makes me smile rather than take half a Valium is is goooooooooooood!!

This is just about realizing a simple fact of life - things will never fall into place when you want them to. All the planning cannot guarantee ducking a phase of extreme misfortune. You cannot wait forever for bigger, better things to happen. To ensure you have the mental and physical strength everyday to power your mind and body through the day, you need to acquire the art of feeling better with the smallest things that have worked to your advantage or just happen to engage your attention. You might noticed this among people who have limited means to almost everything in life - they tend to savor the smallest things that come their way!!

These days, the everyday is about the pursuit of doing the smaller things right. Ensuring my wardrobe is not like a holocaust victim. Always communicating the feedback about lunch and dinner and kissing my wife for the wonderful breakfasts. Juggling the plotted plants to ensure no one feels left out. Turning into a Terminator at the slightest hint of any pest or pest-like entity and yes, smiling with that feeling of accomplishment when the God-forsaken insect is resting in peace!!


Inadequate Days Will Persist - You Have to Find Moments of Fulfillment

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  1. Not appreciating the smaller things makes the daily schedule a lot more difficult unless you are in a phase where your work-life, family-life and health are beautifully balanced - a near impossible equation to find from what I have seen.


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