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Banish Old Driving Habits: Vehicular Acclimatization is What it Takes to Make the Most Out of Mahindra KUV 100

Image of Real Life Mahindra KUV 100 on Lifestyle Blog by AnubhavKapoor
Image borrowed from - also, My KUV is
in Burnt Red shade - this is a Stock Image I guess!
A lot has been written, spoken and exchanged about what the Mahindra KUV 100 can and cannot do – the reasons are different for each expert or the owner. Am trying to provide one basic, very fundamental thought behind all of these since I own the model and have driven it for around 8K. The only folks who will find an issue with driving the KUV100 are people who are trying to compare it to a four-cylinder automobile. I did this mistake too. Despite the very efficient engine and the ability of the KUV to run crazy in the third gear itself, the engine is not your usual four-cylinder variety. What does this mean?

You are using an engine setup that is more basic in terms of its original capacity, and this impacts everything else about the Mahindra 100, from the minor body vibrations to the slight shrug you feel when you start it and put it into first gear. This is not the car for someone looking for a typical SUV ride. The reason?

The Mahindra KUV 100 is just not that huge. It is a basic hatchback with some goodies rolled with its design remaining its primary appeal. Put the KUV into third gear and experience how it leaps ahead. Put it into first gear repeatedly during the evening hour snarls and experience how desperate and sad it gets – the Mahindra 100 is not mean to be driven for a longer period in the first gear – just does not have the credentials for it.

Now comes oddities of the car, especially for those who have driven typical Hondas and Marutis so far:
  • First gear is sluggish and you have to be proactive with the accelerator
  • Second gear is responsive beyond your expectation
  • Third gear feels like fourth, so acceleration at higher speeds is happy
  • There is a bit of roll and you might find this slightly uneasy if you have been driving sedans like Accent, the City or even the Baleno or Swift, all of which have a very planted stance

You have to get in the habit of using the highly reactive clutch and the springy release. The KUV-100 comes with these slight bumps but you will love the car when it gets into its zippy, adorable mode…

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