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Do Desktop Background Images/Quotes Help You Get Through the Day?

Funny Bulldog Desktop Wallpaper
My current desktop is foolishly childish!
This question came to my mind when I was reading through an article about maintaining positivity at the workplace. This was another lifestyle blog, whose name I cannot remember now, in the cesspool of daily online publications that provide tips and preach about how to live a healthier life. However, there was this bit about animated, optimism-inducing text and images that should be present in all locations where you fight your most challenging moments of the day. At that moment, I hit Windows D and realize that my desktop was rather banal.

Squat Wisdom Boost Energy
Earlier, I used to have Kung Fu Panda images on it but seldom I had any saying or famous quote that resonated with my belief system. It was then I started filtering the image warehouse that lies in my D drive. There weren’t a lot that had something good enough to put some zeal into my workspace but yes a couple of original phrases about exercising motivation caught my eye – Squat is lot like life, asking you to get up, when you are at the very bottom – this beautifully sums up the basics of our lives. It is not just handling weighted squat bars or bench press stations, it is about our emotional wellbeing, something that needs to be strengthened regularly, just like our immunity levels or quotient of physical energy. I have always had a preference for desktops being simple, plain colored without too much text or animation. Perhaps, this stems from my editing habits where I want each document to wear an outright structured look.

Squat Stories Inspire Hard Work
During the course of this week, from Feb 5 to Feb 12 2018, I plan to play around with such optimism-boosting graphics, on my phone and on my workstation. Desktops cannot be overtly colorful or gimmicky. They need to maintain some degree of decorum about them at the office. However, there are plenty of desktop images that creatively incorporate a message that helps you, communicates what you should be doing – I had this wallpaper about not expecting much to avoid unhappiness and that indicated a certain phase in life, at the office and at home, and I guess – refreshing these thought-boosting, mindset-uplifting tools is a good practice! Another good thing about having something on your desktop that reminds you of what you should be doing rather than just counting the moments, is that you are constantly reminded to get back to the basics, do the right things, sort your schedule, come back from the negativity zone, start & start again with a deep breath, fingers crossed...chin-up and squats deep!!

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  1. Firefox seems to have one of the biggest and the most easiest to access and use online warehouses of backgrounds. These desktop images are categorized smartly and every time you click on the square of a series that is listed with its name and title, it is added to your box of personalization choices. The choices are so many and download and auto-incorporation of the presonalization themes in your existing library of themes happens within seconds!

  2. I’ve got the same desktop background too but I really like it as Luiz is my favourite character from the film Rio

    1. Hi Luiz, check out some of my recent blog posts - I have revamped a part of it


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