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P-Cal Value: More to Protein Powder Gibberish, Fitness Bloggers are Making Us Believe!

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It seems like that before the advent of penetrative advertising and lifestyle bloggers, the world was hitting the gym without a clue about their diet. This is what latest headlines from the world of fitness gurus seems to convey. Now, there is another label jargon that they say has been there for some time but none of us uneducated mortals has been reading it right. This is about P-Cal ratio or the P/Cal figure or PCAL value. Nothing too scientific unless you have been a high-school struggler. This is basically the amount of protein you are getting at the cost of consuming calories. So, if you have a higher P Cal number, you are getting more protein for the calories consumed.

This is why most people who have been active on the gymming landscape are careful about their protein powder choices and protein shake ingredients. Sugar has been the common cause of worry in this protein mixes as a blend that is high on sugar invariably means consuming a lot more carbs than you want – so, this is not new! Like I say, these days the benchmarks for making a discussion viral are really low. The P Cal calculation is something that all the gymming & exercising bloggers out there seem to have discovered very recently – but this has been on the labels for some time. Not just my hypochondriac senses but the averagely educated consumer too must have noticed that for every 100 gram serving of protein powder, the labelled calculations clearly list the calorie count and their sources – just quoting PCAL does not make this new or radically different!

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