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More About Colored Psychology, How Colors Communicate!

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Before you read ahead, please take a minute to click this link to understand the context and overall continuity of this discussion: Click Here! Now, moving ahead - Colors can have many interpretations of different cultural landscapes. Different parts of the world, different communities interpret colours in shockingly different ways.

If the human psyche and color effect experts are to be believed, all colours communicate but in a different, individual and hard-to-decipher way:
  • Yellow is supposed to be warm, associated with exciting, and is predictably always about happiness
  • Blue is considered deep, almost as deep as the oceans, linked with peaceful, sometimes with the supernatural
  • Green is about the environment, the peace of outdoors, the stillness of nature
  • White is invariably always about harmony and silence, sometimes about pristine surfaces too
  • Black is considered the globally sleek color, that despite its association with grief and dark, is a fashion favorite
  • Red is interpreted as being passionate when you are almost glowing with confidence, very fertile and alive
  • Orange is the best representative of all things radiant, touching base with being healthy, not so much about seriousness

Not Just Another Holi Blog, this Discussion is About How We Interpret Colors

  • While the western culture considers black to be mournful and dark, Japanese consider it to be a very honourable color and its exact opposite, White being the graver, mournful color
  • While red is considered the commonest emergency shade, some cultures think it is pure, sublime while some South African communities reserve red for moments of mourning and grief

Using Colors Differently to Create Wanted Reactions

When advertising gurus get together to cook-up the best, most penetrative campaigns that need to be released simultaneously in different regions, they have to be careful about moderating the colors for maximum regional relevance. For instance, using pink to communicate with women in the targeted groups might backfire if the color is associated with sadness or it might upset the regional sentiments of a community. While the Thai community is not that enthusiastic about purple, western nations think it is a rather plush, almost magical shade. This is why Thai Airways uses the color purple in its logo but this has been done intentionally – this airline is focused on attracting tourists and not the local population!

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