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My Psoriasis: More of a Psychological Thing?!

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PSORIASIS is among the most common skin issues, understood very little and looked at as something that cannot be diagnosed. Yes, this is true to some extent. This condition causes scaly, dry patches that tend to spread rather quickly, and scraping the skin tends to worsen the situation. Psoriasis is essentially a kind of rash that comes on unannounced, without any type of allergen or external entity causing it. However, in my case, I have observed that whenever am too stressed or obsessive thinking takes over, I get these patches. The spots are light maroon, spread near my nose, on either side, above the lips, and sometimes on the chin too. I often call these 'stress rashes'. Starting from the common grounds shared by the nostrils and upper lips they appear in a shape resembling the map of the former Soviet Union, taking days to heal naturally. Do any of you have such a health condition? I am sharing what I have been able to learn via observations across almost an entire decade.

Checklist - do you have the type of psoriasis breakout I am talking about?

- you get this insatiable, uncontrollable urge to scratch in the most demonic manner
- soon after the scalp is scratched, there is reddish, flaky skin on either side of the nose
- sometimes, this patch will become big and make it to the upper lip area
- pinkish patches can last for days, are very dry, and make the skin less pleasant to shave
- it takes days for the patches to heal, and if you scrape it, maybe even weeks
- taking off-the-counter anti-allergics does not help a lot
- these rashes don't develop or go away like a rash brought about by an allergen
- sometimes, there is a crust that you feel like peeling away but that does more damage

- you need to moisturize them in the most sacred manner, rubbing in the Vaseline
- yes, Vaseline is the solution to use, not oils or creams of souffle...none of them work
- this form of psoriasis is somewhat similar to urticaria breakouts
- they can be controlled by some form of anti-allergic medications, i.e. just the spread of it, the patch that has developed is rather immune to it
- the effect of homeopathic drugs is immense if used just when the breakout surfaces
- breakouts can be stimulated by stress or by using an alternative/untested cosmetic product
- icing is not a big help and you might want to stay away from any significant source of heat
- shaving at this time is not a good idea, in fact, it is not recommended at all
- coconut oil can alleviate the symptoms but you got to rub it in twice or thrice a day but I think this can bring about a bit of acne too, and this is why I said, use vaseline instead
- keep away any perfumed or heavily fragranced lotion or cream as this can cause more inflammation


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