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Kaliopi Nikitas Shares How We Are Unable to Accept the Graveness of Life's Events

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Kaliopi has been a regular sharer in the niche of real-life accounts of how people ought to but usually don't react to adverse situations. The plot is never twisted like a Hollywood production and there is nothing too preach here that can irritate you. I have not been a regular at reading what she shares but this particular discussion got to me – most of us are hit by tough situations, not because we are not prepared for them but because we always assume something so drastic can only happen to others in this world. The reality is very different. Your health or finances can spiral out of control within a week. It is like being in an accident though there are no signs of a road mishap. Your mind-body ecosystem tries to fill you with feelings that this is not real, something so horrible could not have happened to someone who has led a largely sin-free life.
However, the worst nightmares are not always aligned with your Karma. My mother has Parkinsonian and I cannot recall a single moment when she wronged someone before being sidelined with this horrible condition. While her mind and body continue to suffer, the realization that there is no returning from the world of losing motor control will never settle in my mind, this is just how our minds work and there is nothing robotic about it – we are programmed to be vulnerable!

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