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Not Silence of the Lambs, Nothing Depraved, Just an Opinion about Sheep Shearing Videos

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Let me explain this in the un-sickliest manner. During the last few weeks, during the few minutes spent idling on YouTube, I chanced upon sheep shearing videos. At first, I did not understand the need to view such content. I revisited the clips after some days and felt this feeling of relief while watching the visuals. Why? There is something appeasing about the videos that placate you, calm down the nerves. Each video here has a sheep being shaved for the fur. The video is not graphic.
The content is totally un-commercial, very organic, without any robotic voice-over or visual presentations that go nowhere and usually irritate YouTube watchers. Finding this content is rather easy. Many American and Australians continue to populate the list.

Reasons that I can now comprehend for me to like these videos without getting obsessive about them:
  • The smooth, gliding action of the fur coming off, in swift, well-measured rounds creates a sense of calm
  • Animals are not being harmed so you know this is not going to offend your sensibilities
  • Feeling is akin what you experience when washing-off grime collected on the scalp when traveling long
  • It creates a feeling that resonates something well done or a feeling of accomplishment
  • It seems like art in motion when you watch some shearing clips in close succession
  • The ability to calm anxious nerves comes from the shearer and the sheep being so composed, unmoved
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Sheep shearing is not about overpowering animals but gradually shaving-away fur – there is nothing animalistic about it, bordering along the lines of having cleaned-away a personal space you own. The first time I shared this with a couple of friends led me to believe that there was something seemingly very sick about this, almost at par with the obsession among Japanese to explore the darkest depths of the human mind. Some more self-analysis helped me realize this wasn’t the case. Shearing has been present for centuries and there is nothing abnormal about it.

On the farms, there must be hordes who watch soft, snug wool being shaved-off with simple, well-guiled movements. The act itself seems a bit similar to that feeling of triumph when you come out from the washrooms, radiating from the truth that the bowels were emptied to the maximum.

Now before people put-in comments about how the sheep and wool industry across the world can be heartless, how Australian ranches are supposed to indulge in the maximum degree of sheep abuse as a part of this trade-rich process, let me clarify one thing – I was talking about videos that show any of this abuse. However, I was always aware that something that involves humans and tools can go horribly wrong. I did some Googling and my fears came true. There are plenty of undercover reports, including digital recordings that show how sheep are beaten, kicked and bruised into absolute submission by their handlers. You can watch this at: PETA Shearing Videos Expose

Just that when done in a humane way, shearing is not disturbing but if you leave anything to Mankind for far too long, they will find a way to ruin the goodness of it!!


  1. There is one thing close to sheep shearing videos that has the same impact and unlike sheep shaving which can be outrageously inhuman, this is all good - YouTube has many vids about stray dogs with over-grown coats. This is called matting and is not desirable in any way. Animal care center employees tend to shave off these matted furs to ensure the animal has a real chance of recovery. Invariably, the handling is compassionate and the shaving action has nothing that would make your cringe

  2. Along with sheep shearing videos, some similar videos about trimming chestnuts in horses have started comping up Insta feed. I am not sure what are these chestnuts but they look like unwanted growth, like hardened hair-and-tissue combination that gives no pain to the animal when cut off. Visually, these too provide a sense of relief for sure.


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