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Using Coffee as a Workplace Management Tool

Coffee Drinking - Work Life Management
Agreed, most people at work need their daily fix – tea or coffee, helps them concentrate better, get through grinding schedules and give that instant shot of energy at the most crucial time. However, people are prone to using too much of it, especially coffee that is now becoming a staple at all levels of the workplace. Many people have developed an addiction to it while others seem to misuse it. For instance, Migraine pains is not something you want to deal with using caffeine. This can actually worsen the situation. Then there are people at work with acidity issues or bloating related to drinking too much of the pure or milked variety. Vending machines are often not clean and this is when too much of the same thing every day can open roads to an oncoming infection. I am trying to use coffee in a more constructive way:
  •     Not using cold and flu pills that have the chemical form of caffeine
  •     Always taking a half-cup serving of the brew
  •     Insisting on not using too much sugar in my cup
  •     Not combining coffee with major meals like lunch or breakfast
  •     Not drinking coffee on an empty stomach
  •     Ensure sipping lots of water between coffee servings
  •     A small dose when leaving from work to ensure I stay more focused on driving back
  •     Combining something sweet, like biscuits, with the drink to counter any chances of acidity
  •     Never drinking coffee that has been sitting in a cup at my desk for hours
  •     Using caffeine to stay more energized, boost my senses, during client or office meetings
  •     Opting for milked coffee rather than the pure, black stuff

Updated on January 26, 2018

This entire month has been big on fluids, taking them throughout the day, at work. From soups to DIY coffee blends and green tea explorations, this ride is enjoyable. The taste and flavors are very different. Every beverage has a different sort of impact on psychological health and mental acuity. Weight loss is not the goal here. It is about healthier eating, even if this means adding another inch to the waistline. I am ready to be the person who just about fits in Size 44 Shirts but does not gasp like an ageg goat when climbing five flight of stairs. This is about sustaining healthy eating even when small bouts of bad health or elevated anxiety levels hit me...trying to sustain the optimism. To quote a phrase from Mukkabaaz - "Phaink Zindagi Ka Paintra...Tu Khel Ley"

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  1. Wanted to share that though there is nothing wrong with a couple of cups with coffee, keeping things in the mix, having some green tea, conventional milk tea, or carrying soup from home too helps - the idea is to keep yourself more mindful and kick away the laziness.


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