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Sugarcane or Cane Juice – the Natural Detox??

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Fasting + Raw Sugarcane Juice can be your Detox Savior
If you have been reading my blog, you must have come across my struggles with Jaundice or Hepatitis A. Turns out that Sugarcane Juice is the best among natural therapies to help the liver get rid of the toxins that tend to accumulate when your liver is affected by this disease. To make it more effective, you need to squeeze one lemon in one big glass of Sugarcane Juice and drink it up to three times a day. Please understand that recovery after Jaundice is about preventing the relapse and for this, you need some form of natural liver support - jaggery juice does this beautifully!

DIY Detox with Sugarcane Juice | Better Liver Health

The only issue being that diabetics cannot do this for far too long as Sugarcane Juice is rather sweet, loaded with natural sugars. If you cannot find Cane Juice that easily, you might want to get hold of a box full of jaggery. It is easily and cheaply available and is essentially a byproduct of sugarcane production. I have not been able to consume Sugarcane Juice regularly as the only stall that sells it along with the promise of hygiene is rather far away – nearly 10 kms!

I am sticking to consuming more of blocks of jaggery throughout the day. If you Google ‘benefits of jaggery’, you will come across long, bulleted lists that talk about how it helps to raise the metabolic rate, cleanses liver, helps in detox, calms intestine lining and provides you an instant shot of energy. In fact, it is also recommended as a natural aphrodisiac and it is damn cheap!

Irony lies in the fact that the smallest bit of contamination in sugarcane juice extraction can bring you down with Typhoid - jaggery juice breaks down real quick. This is particularly true in moist, humid and hot conditions. While fresh juice is a booster, for bedroom performance too. Now it is winters, and I don't have the liberty to drink fruit juices. Most of them irritate my throat. So, I am loading-up on Gudd or Jagger blocks as some of you fancy folks might call it. This is as close as I can get to a steady dose of body cleansing jaggery product without risking my health or my throat.

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  1. Jan 19 - 2018 update: last of the detoxification supplements are being taken. Just finished one bottle of LiveRITE by Patanjali that is aimed at overall wellness and better gastric health too.

  2. Just realize this after conversation with a friend during the lunchtime break - turns out that jaggery production in India is devoid of hygiene of any type. from gathering the sugarcane crop to creating the molten hassle and then drying it, the entire process is literally man-handled, not cauz men are doing it but it is done without any sort of sterilization process - however, jaggery by nature is so adept at filtering out the toxins that despite these abysmal standards the final product can be eaten raw without washing or more processing and still, it is not likely to induce any type of infection or sickness.

  3. I recall meeting this Ayurvedic doctor and he said that for boosting your reproductive health and overall bedroom performance, mixing some lemon with sugarcane juice is perhaps the best-kept secret in the world! #sexualhealth


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