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Snacking, Munching, Food Hunting as 3-Pronged Daily Management Tool

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The obvious question is that nearly everyone, from the Cro-Magnon man to Neanderthals and the slick city dwellers, takes to food when it comes to being stressed or when navigating through the daily schedule becomes a bit too challenging. I will be talking about the same thing but perhaps, will dig into the subject a lot more, sharing things many of us feel a bit apprehensive about when it comes to eating to do a bit better, at work, at home, in the bed or when idling on a Sunday afternoon: 

Tends to Jolt the senses, Controlling Anxiety Pangs: this applies to food options that are dangerously spicy or cold to the extent that they freeze-up your mouth. Why does it work? The same reason I shared above but this goes one step ahead. How?
I recall this incident from around 7 years back when I had a meeting with senior managers and the week had been really tough. The last 30 minutes leading to conference hall gave me the chance to steal a green chilli that I bit into, fully aware that it is going to be too hot for me. The result was there to see.

My blood flow had been boosted. I could feel the blood rushing to my face. Immediately, the OCD-related thoughts had been arrested. When I entered the meeting chambers, my face was slightly flushed but not in a wrong way. I was feeling more alive, hit by a bout of energy. This was not magical – am not proposing this as something you do each day but it got the job done.

Try snacks that crackle, like salads and chips. The crushing sound that food makes when attacked by your teeth tends to distract the mind, momentarily offsetting the obsessive thoughts that have been making me feel unsure. This happens even when munching something as simple as a crunchy apple!

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Helps to Keep Me Controllably Hungry: this might sound a bit unfamiliar but as someone who often suffers from low-energy days, I can actually explain the situation. If you famish yourself to the extent that the simplest meal looks like a Heaven-cooked offering, the hours leading up to the big meal are actually a bit frenzied, albeit in a good way. These under-served hours with a rumbling stomach take away the laziness. You tend to be a bit jumpy but this helps to break the psychological bottlenecks that I often face as a content ideator. Now, it is not easy to take upon long fasting hours. You need something to stay alive until the real dining moment arrives – light, crispy snacks do the job. You get this feeling of eating something rather substantial because of the manner in which munch food is broken down and spread across your mouth.

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When Caffeine Does Not Help Getting Off Dead Creativity Block: writers, struggling with creativity, unable to come-up with new backgrounds, radically different scripts and students pursuing creative expressions as a part of their graduate programs are more likely to understand this – there is a time when your mind freezes. Same words, similar expressions, repetitive approach starts haunting you. Several cups of coffee does not work. This is when rather than eating a lot cannot help you. A slightly different approach is to make your mind work in an offbeat way, stimulating it in a slightly alternative, more playful manner. I try creating weird, unusual snack combinations, tasting them like a seasoned chef. 20 minutes into this activity and my mind gets off the deadbeat domain…helping me think more along the lines that can get the work done!


  1. Soon, I would be sharing images of a beautiful, breakfast salad done by Moha, littered with young mushrooms and lots of green leafy sprinkling...

  2. Jan 30, 2018 Update had a slightly anxious weekend despite a bonfire and wining with friends and family members. Monday was rather controlled. Took more Digiplex than usual but slept good. Tuesday is off to a controlled start too...hoping the day pans out better and soon, I can be back to my usual, more energized version

  3. Recent additions to the munching strategy include creating a mixture of sorts, carrying it to the work desk. This typically includes: cornitos, peanuts, wafers, cornflakes, baked corn bits, etc. Whenever sleepiness is knocking or I need to take a mental break, two to three munching servings get the job done

  4. I find people not using the spread-your-meals approach and falling prey to laziness, acidity, feeling fidgety - but they don't realize that sitting at your desk after a filling lunch does not help the cause of staying awake, more focused, more capable at completing your chores - this is not just the sugar level thing, like I said, sometimes, the act of eating or snacking lightly gives that psychological break, preventing problems that could otherwise snowball into something huge!! the simples things like whole wheat biscuits and smaller, easy to carry and bite fruits can do the trick.

  5. Not Every Apple Gets the Job Done
    This is not about being a sucker for everything that is wrapped beautifully but a matter of individual taste – I could never like apples that had lost their sheen or were born without a gleaming surface. To me, an apple that does not shine a bit, does not have that exotic crunch is pretty much wasted. The potato-like texture is a big downer for me and so are the pinch marks people leave on the surface. You really don't need to press down on the pinch, just grip the apple and twist it around to check the firmness – the color should be medium to strong hue of red, please note that maroon does not mean a great apple!


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