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Red Underwear – does it empower you? & More Innerwear Conversations

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Not sure about how many folks are going to understand this but I firmly believe that what you wear within is as important as crisply ironed shirts and that blue blazer. I can never dress-up using ill-fitting underwear or an under-shirt that does not seem to have lost all of its moisture under the sun. A few years ago, it just chanced upon me that the color of my underwear often made me feel good about the wardrobe ensemble I chose for the day. The reason?

Don't have the usual psychological study to share with you guys but yes, for me this color is about being passionate, driven by self-confidence. I have explored almost shades of red as a part of my outerwear options. This spilled over the zone of inner wear to work.

Even aging red underwear gives that ounce of exhilaration when you are dressing-up in pale camel shades and multiple greys which is often unavoidable. I recall how a few years back a few well-networked folks started announcing their color of underwear across online platforms. Wickedness apart, this was about pushing innerwear conversations into the realm of mainstream lifestyle discussions. In some way, am furthering this cause but the content ahead is cooked with my opinions, sprinkled with my observations.

image of how you wear your underwear - mens

Also wanted to share some underwear dictums that I vouch for:

  • Changing jockeys each day is mandatory – you are pretty much an animal if you allow your underwear to turn into a cesspool of microbial infestation
  • Colors matter – whites are no longer the trending, the most obvious option. Explore a bit and discover how the first layer of fabrics making contact with your body can be more exciting
  • Lousily fitted innerwear can ruin your day – ask around and am sure there would be many guys and ladies who would recall how a poor choice en route to the workplace made them uncomfortable, almost pushing them to the edge of taking an unplanned leave from work
  • Never buy a size up or down – you need perfectly fitted underclothing just like you want your dress shirt or body hugging denims to fit but yes, innerwear should have a little more room to breathe
  • Always dry under-body apparel – the sun-dried feeling is very different from putting on briefs that have been dried in the shadow. The baking effect makes innermost type of clothing more comfy, more skin-friendly

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