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Loving the Flames – a peek into Unplanned Bonfires & Loving the Flickers!

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I am not a pyromaniac, though I have a history of playing with fire and some mood-elevating medicines. Where is this coming from? Recently, I blogged about the Lohri bonfire and it emerged that lighting-up a small bunch of sticks and some random woody stuff from here and there, re-catalyzed the love for flame that once existed. For the longest time, when I was a child, there was this love for burning-up things and watching them melt and turn into a black mass.

Am not talking about setting homework or uniform accessories on fire but there was always this itch to see how different things react the flame, different flame patterns and the weird, contorted and somewhat beautiful shapes that emerge from such fire-y expeditions. Now, we have some more unused twigs and the ready-to-burn accessories lying on our balcony and for the first time in my life, I plan to relive the Lohri moments with another spontaneous bonfire-like gig. The simple but exotic pleasure of beating the winter chill with a small pyre that you managed is envious. Now, I also think of why and how I managed not to explore this earlier. Will this re-ignite the passive, borderline flicker-happy traits in me?...not sure, but will definitely share it here!

Bonfire-wala Mood Lighting

This is something we discovered during our second bonfire attempt this year. We already had some remnants of Diwali lighting in blue and a paper lamp in pink. This was not the complete thing. Partially burnt twigs and wood was stolen from a nearby home undergoing renovation. However, the flame helped to set the mood. The assembled lighting was purely aesthetic as it wasn't even cold that night and we loved it!

Updated on February 28, 2018

Winters have bid goodbye while am still trying to hold on to an old wind-cheater and a thin cardigan, trying to find reasons to believe that it is still somewhat wintery. The desperation of sustaining the winters reached such levels that I was planning to light-up another bonfire, just for the sake of creating the illusion that it was still cold temperatures and we could use something fiery...I mean, the fire.

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