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Going (Pea)Nuts…yet again, Winters does this to me!

Eating Peanuts in Winter - Lifestyle Quotes
It wasn’t a great start to the winter season as me and my wife fell sick. My jaundice too forever to clear-up and as a couple, we are still loading-up on all types of natural, detox aids to ensure that the sickening hangover of being over-medicated is uprooted and dumped for good. However, now that am eating the more regular stuff again, the annual challenge of winter eating is up and running. What is this about? Resisting the temptation of loading-up on peanuts and gudd. The combination is like a dose of morphine to someone suffering from extreme pain. I can devour packets full of peanuts, taking the time to crack and split apart each entity, taking pleasure in what seems like a playful activity that rewards you with a strong nutty flavor.

Tryst with Peanuts Continues

Minimally roasted peanuts, the smaller variety, has many facets to eating it.This is not about being in love with the smoky taste but also the entire process of it. Every peanut that has a complete, unbroken shell is like a mature adult. A complete offering that promises a lot. When you first crack it, the sound of it is almost musical. The sound has potential – it seems that louder the crackling tone, greater are the expectations of a full rounded, big peanut awaiting your attention. Immediately followed by splitting apart the peanut shell, the exercise leads us to usually two, or a single, peanut that seems to be sleeping in its thin, papery covering. Very crumbly and read to fall apart, this layer is rather superficial and unlike the peanut shell, it has some semblance of the roasted flavor that the actual nut possesses.

That Sense of Accomplishment When You Score the Perfect Peanut

The next step is the most obvious one – you eat it and if it turns out to be optimally roasted along with its highly celebrated aroma without bordering on being slightly charred, you have scored! The bigger variety of peanuts loses in comparison as far as the intensity of flavor goes – size tends to compromise a zest that lingers beautifully and can be combined with:
  • Dark chocolate
  • Milk chocolate
  • Jaggery bits
  • Sips of well-aged rum
  • Ginger tea
  • Sweet, honeyed herbal tea

March 15, 2018: it is the summer season settling-in and this is time to lay-off all the pea-nutty combinations as it causes breakouts on my skin, including nose-bleeds]

May 9, 2018: I bought Nutella by mistake, assuming it was some sort of peanut butter flavor. Big oversight but the good part is that I can roll small, roasted and slightly salted peanuts into it and have it like rich version of nutty chocolate. Peanuts are also making way to work-day snacking ensemble, mixed in a roasted mix of puffy rice, cornflakes, almonds, and some nutritious seeds.


  1. Jan 18, 2018: now trying the bigger, meatier but less flavorful peanuts with sips of Bournivta-mixed milk and sandwiching it between small tiles of milky Dairy Milk chocolate - due to my herpetic breatkouts, am off dark chocolate options right now

  2. Jan 20/2018 - just to update that am off peanut butter too. The type retailed in New Delhi seems too oily, as if the fat content comes from lipids extracted from cheap vegetable oil or something like that. This includes the best brands in this category...

  3. It is the end of winter season 2017 - 18 in Delhi and as usual, I have some acne arising from a maniac-like approaching to loading on peanuts and jaggery - I just love the combination and often use other players like milk chocolate, cereal flakes, biscuits, halwa, etc, working with all sorts of peanut combinations

  4. Got the peanut-chocolate combo craving again and this time, it was Snicker that came to the rescue. I bought the extra caramel option that has a bit more of goo-i-ness and this does justice to the peanuts inside that need the maximum contrast for their nutty flavor and texture.


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