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LIARS: So Pulled Back Hair is About Minimal Styling?

Image of Hairstyles for Women from a Lifestyle Blog
This realization came up in the most unexpected manner. I have been cleaning my D drive, knowing it is home to documents and files that wouldn’t do justice even to a dustbin. I was going through an images folder and came across my winter pics. I was wearing a cap that was slightly pulled back. As I zoomed in, it seemed that my face appeared tauter than it actually is. A few more images and I realized the reason – the tight cap had pulled back my forehead and skin around the eyebrows, creating the much-adored effect.

How did I make the connection?
You must have read about my morning schedule on this blog. Well, it includes surfing through the physical newspaper. Obviously, being a guy, I pause involuntarily when pages of exotic models and female celebrities show up. Today, I saw a model wearing her hair tightly pulled back. I joined the dots with my morning realization and concluded that the pulled back hair isn’t a fashion statement as such. It is more of a concealer, an illusion that women indulge in to pull back their skin and instantly lift their facial muscles to look younger.

Something similar is done in Forehead Lift or Eyebrow Lift. The surgeon makes small incisions to pull up the facial skin and pins it to a higher point. The excess skin is cut off and the entire face loses about a decade of ageing. This is something I have seen on many women, especially those above the 35+ age bracket and this trick actually helps to flatten the facial skin, making it more regular, tightening-up any frown lines or those troughs around the eyebrows and scowling marks. By now, you must also be getting a drift of why I lose friends when I share my observations…

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