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Why this sudden global fascination with Brown?

Image of Ice Creams in Different Shades of Brown, Yellow
I heard my father call out in the morning, “Where are my brown walking shoes?” Somehow, I got the feeling that my sub-conscience has had an overdose of brown in the recent past. However, I could not trace back this feeling to the cause. Later, sitting on the pot, I realized what it was about the colour brown that had occupied my mind. It seems that lately many of the bigger brands are fascinated by the Metallic Brown shade. Every new release, from the Samsung Galaxy 5 to the new Renault Duster and upcoming Mercedes models curated for our marketplace are being showcased in this shade. Why this sudden interest towards the Metallic Brown hue and how come this fashion sensibility seems to have emerged simultaneously across totally unrelated brands?
Even the much talked about the latest range of Apple iPhones include a certain brown-shaded premium colour that is supposed to be the priciest.

Some fine-brown questions that surface in my mind:

- Is brown always about being earthy?
- Does brown have a calming effect?
- Is there something outdoorsy about it?
- Is the love for brown simply because it is easy to contrast with colour? 

Am I missing something?

I don’t recall the last time I saw such a pattern. When Nokia launched its uglified bright colour range of phones, nobody followed the trend…perhaps, someone could explain this emerging trend? the one winner from this Brown bias is my father who happens to love this colour!! Still, don't see why khaki browns at the workplace or browned metallic surfaces are being confused with automobiles and lifestyle accessories being increasingly coloured brown.

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