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Hannibal: The TV Series, really cooking humans?

Image Anthony Hopkins Hannibal Clown from IT
The second season of Hannibal is currently being aired by AXN. I have to confess, I have a liking for things that are gore and somewhat extreme. I loved the movie predecessor to this series, i.e. Silence of the Lambs. I think the direction was simple and thus, so brilliant. Special effects could not have made the impact that actual actors and real backgrounds did. Coming to Hannibal, the TV series was impressive in its first season.

The second innings too looks promising. However, one pattern is being repeated with some ungainly inconsistency. I am talking about Lecter cooking humans or his victims. He has cooked everything from the thigh to shoulder pieces and the gut too. I realize that the meat they show is actually animal meat, the kind we eat but the story tries to deliver the impact that they guy is cooking and eating humans!! Moreover, he doesn’t just cook…he treats cooking humans as an art and seems to understand the delicacies and finer nuances of the entire cannibalistic process.

Isn’t this a bit too much to be shown to younger viewers? Me?? I can watch all this while enjoying a plate full of chocolate ice creams, sprinkled with almonds. Which reminds me, I haven’t eaten my daily dose of almonds!!

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Updated on February 27, 2018: just saw the trailer of Silence of Lambs as a part of Saturday Night Movies on MN+ and the image of Anthony Hopkins is still scary. Just to think of it - the guy is not wearing any prosthetics. There is no ghost or one-liners that make him stand apart in the movie. However, the way he walks, calls our Jodie Foster's name, licks his lips and moves around with the most horrible intentions, does something to you. The eyes are bright with some sort of perverted geniuses and the smallest glimpse of Hannibal moving around in his cell, dressed in plain whites is outright creepy. My wife still hasn't agreed to watch the entire movie with me!

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