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When Deepika Padukone Betrayed Us & Then Won Us Back!

Funny Cat Image Deepika Padukone Opinions[This is from one of my earlier blogging attempts, somewhere in 2015]

Last night, saw the new Kellogg’s [now old since am a very poor TV viewer] advertisement again where Deepika Padukone can be seen peddling the notion that being reed-thin, being skeletal, on the verge of becoming malnutrition-ed can make you feel special since you have a teeny-weenie waistline! I was not shocked to see this advertisement since the standards for choosing brands or endorsing promotional ideas have already dipped too low to be redeemed. Can you remember King Khan said that his skin-fairness cream played a hand in his success? However, I did not expect this from Deepika.

Still have reasons to Like Deepika Padukone but Wish She had Thought Better!

Always thought of her as someone far too sensible to just abandon her senses for a bit of easy money. But then, morals, values and consideration are not part of the celebrity business, are they? As for ladies who have taken to this advertisement seriously—please understand that a thin, bony waistline doesn’t really turn on anyone. Eat healthily and smile more to “feel special”. Her penchant for staying wafer thin is very visible. Just view the party song 'Delhi Wali Girlfriend' - her waist is literally a wafer which looks very crackable and eatable BTW!

[This is from today, i.e. February 16th, 2018]: How Deepika won us backDeepika does not have the usual body image issues despite her confessing to almost fanatical levels of anxiety and that she took medicines for the same. Recently, perhaps after the medicinal dosage, she has started to smile and laugh in a lot more convincing, organic manner. Just look at her advertisement with Siddharth Malhotra for OPPO phones - that smile towards the end of the clip is precious. In a big way, Deepika redeemed herself by opening-up about psychological issues and that we tend to ignore them or feel very hesitant in talking about them, and this could not be truer for our Bollywood stars whose life, I feel, is fueled by physical and emotional struggles no matter how rich or well placed they are in the industry.

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