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Nafees Shariar Fails the 'Tino Best' Test

This was a strange dismissal of sorts. Very old-world in its charm and represents the nuances of Test cricket in its purest forms and I enjoyed it in every, possible way. Nafees was batting with his team already having lost two wickets and as usual, Tino Best was gruning, howling and jumping, trying to scare the batsmen with short-pitched deliveries. To his credit, Nafees did not lose his focus and resisted the temptation of hooking. This was impressively done since the pitch was a typical, fifth-day patch and the bounce was highly unpredictable. Just when I was beginning to suppose that Nafees would continue to resist the bait, he was cajoled into trying to pull by some of the surrounding fielders. I cannot recall his name, but one West Indian player, even animated the pull shot to Nafees, egging on the Bangladeshi batsman to try and pull. For some inexplicable reason, the very next delivery, Nafees played into the oldest game of the cricketing book and tried pulling a Tino Best delivery that could have been easily avoided. Best caught the ball that had managed to sail a few feet in the air himself, completing a smart caught & bowled dismissal. Nafees would be cursing himself to have allowed the typical fielding sides' nonsense get to him. I haven't seen anything like this for at least three or four seasons and for a moment, it was humorous. Just loving this season of test cricket in the sub-continent. 

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