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Ind vs Eng Day 1: Sehewag Special in the Making?

Virender Sehewag has just lofted Graeme Swann for a boundary and as I glance at the scorecard reading no wickets for nearly 116, it seems that Day 1 of the first test match between India and England well might turn into another Sehewag special. The way Sehewag is batting, Alistair Cook must be cursing his luck for having lost the toss. Even Gavaskar commented that this time around, Sehewag is looking rather determined. Early on, the Delhi Blaster was a cautious-something he has been guilty of not doing in the last ten innings or so. If he is ready to keep his head down and look upon this opportunity to register another double ton there is nothing that can possibly stop him, at least not the English bowling. Only Stuart Broad has shown some semblance of bowling a line that can contain or challenge the batsmen. Surprisingly, the English bowlers did not use the short bowl, even to Gambhir, despite being fully aware that he is a bit of compulsive puller on typically sub-continental conditions. I end this post, hoping that Sehewag redeems his recent failures by absolutely butchering the Englishmen.

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