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Copeland Bowling: Aussie Back to the Adam Dale Era?

Just looking at Day 2 of the test match between Sri Lanka and Australia, I could not help but notice that the newly capped player in the Aussie line-up, i.e. Copeland, is quite similar in his bowling mannerisms to what Adam Dale used to do nearly a decade back. Some of you might not recall Dale but he was a bit of an odd streak in the world of fast bowling, i.e. if you could call him a fast bowler. Dale never had the pace or the aura of a typical Aussie bowler. For starters, he was a bit vertically challenged, didn't have broad shoulders and never bowled with any real, frightening sort of pace. So, how did he manage to get into the Australian time you ask? Well, Adam Dale was the epitome of a nagging sort of bowler.
He would merely keep bowling outside the off-stump day and night, until the batsmen lost their composure and played a short that led to their dismissal, courtesy of the excellent slip fielders that the Aussies have always had. On pitches that were a bit bouncy or those that were a bit sluggish scoring-off somebody like an Adam Dale was nearly impossible at times. Now, Copeland is quite similar, hardly bowling beyond 125 km/hr but still he does not leak runs at any stage and is excellent for keeping the over-dominant test batsmen that we find today.


  1. Copeland is not dat impressive as much as you are making him to be...dis is d first time he has played international cricket and his limitations will soon be discovered and understood by all the opposition teams but yes, he gives more variety to the Aussie bowling attack

  2. Copeland is boring as hell and so was Adam Dale...both of them are not going to play long for Australia, it would be better to talk about someone like a Cummins or Pattinson, both can bowl consistently around 145 km per hour.


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