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Are We Actually Surprise With India's Test Failures in England?

By now, a lot would have been set about the manner in which a seemingly world champion side like India meekly surrendered to the English bowlers and how India's supposedly handy seam attack was made to look pedestrian. However, I would like to raise just one question, are we really surprised by the end result? Yes, nobody would have said that India would get a spanking like this, being whipped 4-0 in a test series after being crowned the World Champions is a bit too much too digest but just look at how these players have been working since their World Cup 2011 success. It just does not make sense
to play with the same bunch of players in all three formats of the game and that too at a time when you have the core of your test team well over the 35-year mark. It still remains to be seen what kind of explanations are put forth by the BCCI but for all those who are concerned about Indian cricket, don't fret too much...just a couple of wins in a few one day matches and all that has happened will be soon forgotten. Those who are being crucified right now will be worshiped again and all the "reforms" that the likes of Gavaskar talk about will be amicably forgotten...this just about sums-up the manner in which Indian cricket rolls.

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