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Zimbabwe finally have something to offer!!

I am not talking about Zimbabwe's run-rate or the emergence of any notable player but for the first time, in the last decade or so, the team is playing cricket in a manner that is managing to engage some attention. For starters, Raymond Price has been opening the opening against the West Indies with spin bowlers, including himself. The last time this was done on such a consistent basis was by Martin Crowe of New Zealand during the World Cup of 1992. What is more encouraging is that now the Zims can actually bat-out fifty overs on a consistent basis and the batsmen are ready to make-up for their lack of experience or sheer talent with some on-field doggedness. It would be going too far to say that the team is about to induce some major upsets, but yes, a somewhat more tenacious and capable Zimbabwe cricket team is definitely helpful for the game. Price has been ruthless as a leader and the young Zims are following this methodology of approaching the game wherein the 33-year old throws a punch for everything that comes his way.

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  1. Dont get excited at the prospect of Zimbabwe doing something of importance in the way they play cricket...India and Sri Lanka are sending second-strung teams for their face-off with Zim this month


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