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England lining-up some good all-rounded players

England might still be reeling under the absence of their foremost all-rounder, Andrew Flintoff, but as things present themselves for the moment, they do have a good bunch who can make-up for Freddie's absence. In Stuart Broad and Bresnan (big dude in the pic here), England have found two useful players who can bat and bowl and are pretty agile in the field. Bresnan, in particular has been impressing a lot during the last few months, scoring some very decent knocks during the latter part of the innings. Add to this, Collingwood, who is a handy, if not a complete bowler, and England pretty much size-up to most sides in terms of all-rounder strength. However, what is lacking is one or two batsmen who can give them blistering starts when batting. You really cannot expect Strauss of Ian Bell to do that. I still believe that Pietersen finds himself lost since his captaincy was taken away. For some strange reason, his sudden removal from the profile has caused his confidence to slip far too much for an international player.

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