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This was always coming...India's final loss

Some folks might call it India’s inability to deliver in crunch situations or the collective failure of their batsmen just when it mattered most but I would call it a matter of simple probability… you just cannot keep expecting your batsmen to win every game. The batsmen had been delivering in nearly every match for the past two months
and one bad game was due at some point in time and unfortunately for the Indians it happened in the final of the Bangladesh triseries. Still you would have to say that the batsmen delivered to some extent but as usual, the bowling was below par and it never looked like India would put-up a fierce competition in terms of defending what looked like a low but midway-kind of score.

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  1. I would still say that India are not the best finishers in terms of winning tournaments. The figures too say the same when u consider than under Dhoni the team has won lots of bilateral series but not many international tournaments wherein lots of teams participated. agreed their record is not as bad as that of SA but it also is not the greatest one.


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