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South Africa’s Bowling Resources Beginning to take an Impressive Shape

Parnell came and went without doing much, but in the short while that he played for the South African team, the young left-armer showed a lot of promise and in a cricketing nation that hasn’t traditionally produced left-arm seam bowlers, Parnell was rated highly and counted upon to be a big, name in the near future. Now, he is on the verge of making a comeback and if early comments are to be believed, his pace and his penetrative ability have
only improved. He would add more fuel to a bowling attack that is slowly but steadily getting back to its old glory days. With Ntini aging and Pollock no longer able to horse-carry the bowling attack, things were getting a bit difficult for Graeme Smith. However, with Mornie Morkel and Dale Steyn rising to the challenge and the young De Wet being added to the mix, things are improving very quickly. Further, all these bowlers are very young, quick, well-built and seem to have it in them to present a dependable pool at Graeme Smith’s disposal. I dare say that the Aussies might be beaming a lot about their own bench of bowlers but the SA bowlers look at par and they are a lot younger and devoid of those painfully repetitive Aussie on-field antics.


  1. I would still say that in terms of pure talent, the Pakistani bowlers do have the edge but their discipline is just awful...yes, the SA mix is impressive but then, some of their bowlers look like a shadow of each other, having the same bowling styles. in that regard, Australians still have a decent variety though nothing like the mcgrath and warnie days.

  2. south africa could lend a few bowlers to India. Even with 400+ plus scores on the board, their bowling falls apart every time they are defending a score...absolutely pathetic, looks like IPL is finally beginning to take a toll on the wonder so many aussie players are refraining from taking part in IPL to come themselves fresher and fitter.


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