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Siddle’s Energy Bursts Worth Watching

I remember some commentator saying that Peter Siddle was built like a small horse but his bowling performances are far better than to be horsing about the issue. He has incredible bouts of energy and seeing him bowl, almost makes you wish you were so athletic, packed with so much stamina and could do what he does best — constantly bowl at 142 + km/hr without showing any signs of drop in intensity or energy. Siddle reminds a bit of the young Ntini from SA who had started out in a very similar style but then eventually the workload of the balling probably slowed him down. Hillfenhaus, the other recently introduced Aussie bowler too is impressive but he is more of the McGrath type with a measured length and line being his main thing. Siddle is a bit like Brett Lee and Waqar Younis rolled into though his wickets tally usually don’t match the wicket-taking fame of these two ultra-quick bowlers.


  1. I totally agree with u. it should be understood that apart from his natural stamina and athletic built, Siddle is also relatively fresher when compared to his immediate competitors. Most of the other international bowlers are overworked and their pace and overall athletic orientation is under a severe threat of being exhausted away by the packed international schedule and now they IPL3 is also about to begin.

  2. U should see McKay also. he is another of the new gen of aussie bowlers who have just been introduced and he seems like a very promising talent. For starters, he bowls with the kind of energy u spoke about Siddle having and then, his ability to hit the deck consistenly is a bit like that of jason gillespie who by the way was overshadowed by McGrath throughout his carrier but then was always a great talent.

  3. I believe some folks are over-rating McKay. Yes, he is a good bowler and can get some awkward bounce but he really does not look like the successor to McGrath like many commentators seem to be harping out. For the moment, he is a young, strong-built bowler who has had a few good games...that it it...making too many predictions after seeing so little just does not make much sense.

  4. u should watch steyn or morkel too...the way they charge the wicket and recently the manner in which they sent the entire Indian team packing. Steyn looks like such a balanced yet aggressive yet mature bowler for someone who does not have loads of experience and is definitely worthy of being the world's number one test bowler.


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