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Swann & Hauritz Prove Contemporary Batsmen Can’t Handle Basic Spin

There are two ongoing test matches and both have them proved that no matter how flat the wickets are, no matter how inventive the batsmen have become and no matter how enterprising shot-making has become, one simple, fact cannot be altered — most contemporary sides cannot handle even average-quality spin bowling if it is dished out on a sustained basis.

Just look at the Pakistani side. They were supposed to struggle against the fast, Aussie bowlers but they have fallen prey to a fiver from Hauritz. No disrespect towards Nathan Hauritz, but by no means is he a match-winning Tweaker. By no means Hauritz can be described as a big spinner of the ball. He is simply a line and length, off-spinner who has the ability to stick to a line and wait for the batsmen to commit a folly and usually that doesn’t work since the pitches are so flat these days that all sorts of strange, counter strokes can be played to negate whatever little spin he is able to generate. The same applied to Kumble for a long time when he could take buckets of wicket at home because the pitches were up and down but was redundant in overseas conditions because simply pitching the ball between the stumps didn’t make an impact. The same applies to South Africa. Graeme Swann does have the talent to make the ball dip in the air but he cannot spin it an impressive extent even if his own life dependent upon it. He simply owes his wickets against South Africa to the Proteas batsmen being apprehensive on the slight indications of some, meagre turn on a wicket that is slowly wearing out.
The final result — two average spin bowlers have delivered what are potentially match-winning spells.


  1. It should be understood that Pakistan’s failure to counter Hauritz is even more shocking considering that this sub-continental teams plays spinners on a perpetual basis. Further, Hauritz never actually did spin the ball enormously…he merely flighted it around the off-stump and the Pakistani batsmen did the rest by showing no enterprise to come down the wicket and try to hoist him.

  2. To make matters worse, Pakistan crumbled again to Hauritz, losing a golden opportunity to level the series, chasing a modest total of less than 200. And even more disturbing is the fact that Hauritz didnt't turn one ball to an impressive extent that counted for this five-wicket haul. Some Pakistani batsmen should be court-martialled for inflicing such cricketing atrocities on the viewers!!


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