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Referral System does undermine the on-field umpire

I still cannot make-out the use of having on-field umpires when the players can just make signal to send up a decision for review. Yes, this initiative does mean that the ICC is trying hard to make the game more progressive and transparent but what it does not do is make the game simpler, in any way. Let us be clear about one thing, with so many computer-generated images that are flashed on our TVs, it was just a matter of time that the same technology was used in making actual decisions. But then, if we are using technological inputs for making decisions, then why not go the full-circle way and make the on-field umpires merely a component of the entire decision making, communication process. The present system makes mockery of the decision making ability of the umpire who is already under a lot of scrutiny with every appeal being showcased a thousand times on the huge screens installed at the grounds and the crowds seem to get very vocal and very upset if they realize that a mistake has been made. The ICC needs to be clear about what it wants to establish in a clear-cut manner - on-field or off-field umpiring and then stick with it rather than trying to blend two formats and make the entire process more confusing and controversial. What needs to be understood that the two, on-field umpires are placed at the core of the entire action on the field. If a system makes them mere referral mediums, then it compromises their air of authority and with so much being said about the antics of some international players, this would indirectly impact the ability of the umpires to regulate the behavior of players,

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