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Murali Vijay does look the part

I hope this is not regarded as a knee-jerk reaction: I was watching Murali Vijay's knock of 87 today and it seemed that India have found a potential replacement if either Dravid or Laxman do hang up their boots some time from now.
Yes, it is a big statement to make but words like 'class' and 'lovely shots' are synonymous in describing how this young man bats and on ocassions his ability to time the ball through the off-side is indeed very, very special, i.e. VVS. I wish he can roped in as being the next big thing from the indian top order and is carried around for ODI campaigns too wherein he can be rotated with someone like Tendulkar to give some rest to the master blaster. This would serve a double purpose as Vijay would get the time to realize the responsibilities he would soon be entrusted with and the Little Champion's aging career could get a extended a bit.

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