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India's almost drops the Rajkot Match...400+ is simply inadequate!!

This had to be one of the most ordinary fielding efforts by the present Indian side, under Dhoni, wherein they kept on dropping sitters and their fielding for a major part of the Lankan innings was literally, sub-standard. It will not be an exaggeration to say that they almost lost the match owing to their poor efforts in holding on to simple catches and backing-up the throws to avoid follow-ons.
What is even more strange is that good fielders like Kohli and Raina too kept on missing the appeared as if the entire squad had a sighting problem where they couldn't get themselves in line with the ball. I would say that India really haven't edged past the Lankans by achieving this Rajkot win simply because they were run ragged until the last ball, where one of India's rare, consistent bowlers in the last few months, Ashish Nehra, ensured that he bowled according to the field and somehow ensured that the batsmen weren't able to get under the ball and ease it through the off-side. What is also worrying is that India during their batting were looking content for a score of around 385, when it was plainly visible that a score of somewhere around 450 was there to get. After the 30-over mark, most of the Indian batsmen fell to careless strokes, just trying to up the run-rate needlessly, as it was already around the 8.00 runs per over mark. It was only Virat Kohli and Jadeja's sensible effort towards the last five overs that ensured that the team managed a score in excess of 400 or else, the match would have been lost even before entering the final over of the match. I can only hope that the Indian team realizes that this is not a comprehensive win by any means and that they drop the habit of taking things easy rather than dropping catches. They have been letting teams come back and steal away wins from them in the last six months or so. The Series against Australia had a semblance of being casual in the field and the series result could have been in India's favour had they shown more intensity and planned their batting in a more structured manner when chasing/setting-up scores. This old habit of just going through the motions simply because a huge score has been put-up and putting in the real effort to field the ball, only in small patches during the match has to go, if India want to become serious contenders for world championship in any format of the game...something the Aussies do very well> no matter what stage of the game it is, they seem so vigilant and enthusiastic.

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