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IPL’s maker, Mr. Lalit Modi, on his way out??

If recent reports are to be believed, Mr. Lalit Modi, the brains and the body, and perhaps every that matters, behind the IPL is about to be booted out owing to his increasing obsession with favouring his clout in the IPL and Rajasthan cricket administration. Now his reputation is has become that of a limelight-hogging businessman who won’t listen to any opinions or even care for even considering any proposal that tries to streamline his baby — the IPL in any way.
 It should be understood that with increasing concerns about IPL causing international players to deviate from the seriousness of performing national duties, many suggestions were put forth for Mr. Modi to consider. Instead, he was planning to further, increase the size of the IPL franchise by including two more teams and increasing the number of preliminary games by at least three more. I think, this absolute disregard for authority and that too within the Indian cricket’s administrative structure just became too overbearing for many BCCI personnel, many of whom have their own political clout and regional affiliations to impose upon any decision-maker. While the IPL is still a hot commodity and players are ready to join this money-minting bandwagon, it would be interesting to note how many of them actually support Modi, now that IPL's maker finds himself a bit cornered?

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