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What is the Myntra platform fee? and why should we pay for it?

I came back to Myntra after a bit of a break, busy exploring AJIO, Amazon Fashion, and Pantaloons, and this time around, while checking out, the billing structure suggested that Myntra is charging INR 20 per order as a Platform Fee! I am not sure what was going through the minds of the financial decision-making machinery at Myntra but honestly, it just does not make a lot of sense. Just imagine this - they are charging this fee under the pretext of "...for a hassle-free app experience" which makes you want to ask the Myntra team - all along, did the entire billed amount go to the manufacturer or the seller and the app was being kept "hassle-free" via goodwill and charity? Before this Platform Fee came along, Myntra, as a retail platform, was making no money from every transaction or purchase? Most people would agree, it was. It is too obvious that Myntra has been monetized like any other online shopping app. In the digital retail space, all of us know the game of tripling or quadrupling the retail sticker price to ensure that the "unbelievable offers" that claim up to 70% discount look genuine. That remains a banal and dimwitted effort to showcase the prices with a massive cutdown and nearly every shopping space online did it while many are still doing it. Even worse is some apps charging us on the grounds of Charity contributions just to ensure that their taxation liabilities remain restricted. But in this case, if the Platform Fee is not there, Myntra people will not ensure the 'continuous improvement' of the app? This makes you wonder - WHY ARE WE BEING BOTHERED AND CHARGED ABOUT IMPROVING THE APP? I am not a shareholder in the app or the brand and as a shopper, it is not for me to contribute to app improvements. It seems like this amount of Rs. 20 '...sustains efficient operations' at Myntra now, and without these charges, the entire shopping experience just might turn sour. It also turns out that the platform Fee charged is non-refundable in case of a returned product - at least this is what I conclude after a quick online search but I could be wrong about this technicality. Still, not a very cerebral decision by a leading retail platform/marketplace. Rather than investing these charges in increasing customer loyalty or boosting brand recall via dedicated shopper programs, they choose to offer No Return coupons which basically means that if the product is not up to your expectations and you want to return it, Myntra will not entertain the request. We had our run-ins with packaged bottled water being sold at four times the original prices within cineplexes, the popcorn prized at par with fried chicken wings, and online platforms sending us disfigured products followed by an era of follow-ups to make a return or refund but this Platform Fee takes the cake for breakthrough creativity. I still cannot find the ground below or sky above it which is like the petrol pump policy saying that apart from the fuel bill, you have to pay Rs. 20 for ensuring that the fuel attendants can do their job in a "...hassle-free and efficient manner" and if you don't pay up, you are in a world of hassled problems...I mean, what?!!

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