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Quick Review Truth or Dare [Blumhouse Extended Director's Cut] Netflix India

This is perhaps not the right time to review Truth or Dare since the movie's ending, which might have appeared phenomenally smart at the time when it was released, now looked cliched and way too predictable for a movie that really tries to surprise you but still falls much short of the expectations. The problem is not with the movie's plot which is somewhere between being the most likely possibility and I-knew-it, but the story's handling.

The director, or the team of directors, fail miserably to put in the human emotions that would have otherwise helped to make the storyline look a lot more engaging. When the bodies start rolling, you can almost start telling what is going to happen next. The groups of friends, which is inherent to all horror movies lately, just don't bring about any sense of emotions among them. Even the romantic triangle that is held up until close to the last scene is just dry, absolutely parched in terms of believing in the characters. The "secret" with Lucy does not seem dark enough and her being forgiven so easily for holding it together for all these years is even less believable. Now, the plot - well, Truth or Dare tells you something upfront with the title. It clearly suggests that someone is going to get hurt, most likely murdered, due to some game themed around the classical Truth or Dare as we understand it.

The storyline does nothing to shake up this theory since it starts happening within 10 minutes of it and the only real twist is the spell or the devil being linked with the game. The special effects won't leave you saying wow and neither will the gore shock you. Truth or Dare is at best a popcorn flick when your expectations are not much and you have had too much of Notting Hill-type movies over the weekend. You can watch it in parts using the play and pause option - yes, nothing will seem to interrupt the continuity of the mystery or the horror of it. Truth or Dare is just not meant for folks who like their horror to be disturbingly real. People who loved the original Grudge will laugh at it and those who liked the American version of The Grudge will find it feeble and desperate to try and make an impact which Truth or Dare really does not!

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